Couple of things happened over this last year so just thought it could be worth mentioning on our blog.We have had a few people recently who have been in contact as they have ordered and in some cases purchased floorboards off ebay sites and other internet based businesses and the boards have been poor quality when delivered
A few tips that were published in one of the magazines we sometimes get asked to write for are
1) If possible always visit the yard and get a feel for the company and what they are doing.Its one thing having a great website but its also good to see if some of these people actually exist and are doing what they claim to be.
We had an issue last year with a website,another northern company,they had copied some of our pictures and text and built a website around that.Turned out it was just a guy working from home buying and selling and making out he was doing the same as us .
2) Buy the boards at least hand sanded,belive me this will work out cheaper/easier in the long run.95% of all boards we sell now are totally pre-finished so all thats is needed is fitting
3)Try to deal with a well established business, demolition/salvage companies can sometimes be here one minute and gone the next.
4) Make sure you know exactly what you are buying if you cant visit the yard,get as much info as possible and dont get fobed off if you ask lots of questions.We spend lots of time going through each job with each client as everybody isnt looking for the same thing.
Follow these tips and you shouldnt have any problems with buying reclaimed
Adam Lawson