New Premises

After successfully developing our own brand of Reclaimed Engineered floorboards over the past couple of years we are currently undergoing a £200,000 investment programme .This involves a new 12,000 sq ft manufacturing factory and showroom facilities on a new site as well as keeping our existing 20,000 sq ft warehouse set on our 1 acre site  that will now be used for storage only due to the amount of stock we now hold.

The new premises will have a temperature controlled area for storing all our floorboards at ambient room temperature while controlling the moisture content to reduce and movement issues on site.They will also be manufactured under these same conditions as we strive to be the best in the business at what we do. Also this will give clients ,both from both the residential and commercial sectors, that extra piece of mind when investing into wooden flooring.

We will welcome clients to visit the factory and see just what we do and how we do it as we feel that customers value the fact that all our products really are Made in Britain and not imported in like many competitors.Also we will be able to show you our stock and talk in detail about designs,plans and the overall look you are trying to achieve for your project.

My philosophy is that we do need to invest in our own local businesses ,grow them as much as we can so we create more jobs,buy machinery and invest into the future of manufacturing in the UK to get Britain great again.Its all to easy to import cheaper products from all over the globe but then we are at the mercy of businesses thousands of miles away with absolutely no control over the finished product.Not to mention air miles involved. At Lawsons we take a different view,we just decide to make things ourselves.We have even designed and built some of the machinery we use in the factory ourselves.

Also we will be showcasing our reclaimed furniture range and also our up-cycled furniture range which is now becoming a big part of our overall business.We have a huge number of old benches and the like just waiting to be converted into unique pieces of furniture that will fir in any environment .You can view the item in its raw state before we start work on it then watch as it evolves into something that works again in totally new environment .

Along side all this is our range of wall panelling and also our joinery workshop for making shop counters,bars,display furniture for the hospitality industry.We are getting lots of work in bars and restaurants as our products mix so well with modern and contemporary fittings.We will have bar tops,panelling and counters on display.We also do complete bespoke shop-fit packages for smaller more boutique shops,cafe bars and wine-bars etc .

We have chosen this way forward for our new premises rather than investing into a shop front with a posh address because  we  send free samples out to clients anyway if they cant visit us .A large part of our business is already done this way.Our entire range is on our website which we update with new stock on a very regular basis.This helps keep overall costs down as we don’t also have the huge overhead of a shop.As we have seen with so many companies on the high street finding themselves in difficulty its so important these days to keep costs to a minimum.Plus,as we manufacture all our own products it would have to be a pretty big shop to fit all our stock and machinery in.Also, the nature of reclamation means you never know what you are going to get in so its nice for designers and architects to visit on a regular basis to keep up to date on all the new bits and pieces that come into the yard.And when visiting our factory it means you speak to the people at the top ,usually myself or my yard manager,who can give proper sound advice on products and also what we can and cant do from a joinery and design perspective.

The new site really is great, its very rural ,actually on a farm so a beautiful setting.We look out over Martin Mere Wetland Centre.Also,its right on the railway and you can travel up from London in under 3 hrs on the train making just one stop at Wigan Northwestern,then straight across to New Lane station then walk 50 metres straight to our yard.By car we are just 15-20mins from the M6.

So if you want to see some genuine British manufacturing and need any of our products come and visit us and take a look around ,we will give you a tour so you can see everything in motion and see for yourself the level of quality we achieve and the work that goes into it all.

We are still a family business with an emphasis on quality not quantity but with this new investment our production will increase while still maintaining our hand made ,high quality finish.We will now find it easier to keep up with the increased demand we have had for our products over the past years.

I see it all going on every day and still find it interesting and consider myself lucky to be in the business I am.