Walthamstow Stadium

Amazing British History at Lawsons
Gorgeous reclaimed pine boards salvaged from the world famous Walthamstow Dog track.These boards have had many famous ,maybe even infamous people stand on them and cheer the greyhounds on round the track for many a year.
They are available in engineered format so suitable for use over underfloor heating and also suitable to be glued down onto concrete or solid floors.
They have loads of natural character thats has developed over the last 80 years and will make a great talking point floor for any type of property
They will be supplied fully finished ready to lay and are ok for use in any environment
Approx 150mm wide and 21mm thick
Great provenance ,get yourself a bit of unique and very cool British history while stocks last
We have around 6000 m2 in stock
Also we will be making some funky furniture out of all this stock so check the furniture page of the website so you can still get yourself that piece of history even if you don’t need a new floor
walthamstow pine m

walthamstow pine 2 m

walthamstow pine 3 m