Textile Factory Boards

We recently view a huge textile factory out in Eastern Europe and on every single floor there were wooden floorboards. These are very industrial and have generally been painted over with floor paint. They obviously where laid to serve a purpose rather than for aesthetic reasons but we took the view that the level of wear and tear they have accumulated over the years, along with the worn off grey and in some areas red floor paint, they now look very cool indeed. We won’t be sanding the paint off, we are going to lightly sand off the dirt and grime you wouldn’t want us to leave on, then oil finish them exactly as they are. If you are looking to give an urban industrial feel to your project, then these are perfect. It was a very large factory and we bought the lot so we have large stock available. These will also be made into engineered boards.

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These boards will also make awesome wall cladding.

They will be on show in our Hoxton Square studio

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